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The Costa Rican Daily Schedule

Hello family, friends, and others! I've been with my host family for 3 weeks now, so I feel I've been here long enough to talk about the tico daily schedule. It's pretty interesting!

"Tico Time"

"Tico time" is a phrase/label that the costa ricans affectionately accept. The people of CR are on "tico time," especially in the rural areas, meaning that things happen when they happen. That party doesn't actually start at 7:00, you and your tico friend aren't actually meeting up at 2:00 to go to the beach, that store doesn't necessarily open at 8:00am like it says it does. Everyone takes their time, essentially. No one's in a hurry.

Wake-up Time

Costa Ricans wake up EARLY (generally). My host dad leaves for work at around 6:15am, which means that my host mom wakes up at 5:30-ish just to make him breakfast. The 2 youngest girls start school at 7:00am, so they get up around 5:45. I'm not sure when my other two host sisters leave the house because our schedules don't seem to coincide, but you get the point.

The first couple days I was here, I made the mistake of waiting until 7:00 am to get up (because class starts at 8:00). My host mom had to make breakfast again just for me. Of course, being a person that takes pride in cooking for her family, she didn't mind. But, I still felt bad. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it's not hard to transition to waking up so early. Most likely because the family is all up around that time, and sunrise is at 5:30am.

Meal Time in CR

The meals in CR are a bit different. In the states, you hear the phrase "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." Well, here, It's actually true! Their breakfasts I would say, are the equivalent of our dinners in significance. They also tend to be the largest meal, as well. Usually consisting of "gallo pinto" (black beans and rice, the CR staple food) and eggs, but sometimes we have tamales or french toast with honey. The ticos always have coffee with breakfast.


Mid-day coffee break

Exactly as it sounds. Some people have a snack with their midday coffee break, but I haven't been around ticos during the break, as it's during my school time. So, I haven't actually seen what happens during this time. My classmates and I have our coffee break around 9:30.

Coffee break at USAC


Everyone comes home for lunch! It's a norm in CR that everyone leaves work/school to eat with their families (around 1:00pm for my family). For lunch, we generally have "dinner foods": soups, salads, fried meats, potatoes, black beans, veggies with meat and sauce, and there's always rice. Coffee is served at lunch as well.

Meat, veggie, and rice soup


Dinner is more of a snack than a meal here. Sometimes, it's a bit more complicated like lunch. But, generally it's a smaller more simple meal. My family has dinner anywhere from 7:00-8:00pm. My favorite dish so far, "marduros en gloria," (a dish made with sweet plantains with a special sauce) is generally served during dinner. Sadly, I don't have a picture. But, here's another typical dinner dish:

Fried cheese and plantains for dinner


I go to bed around 9:30. My host family goes to bed around 11:00 or 12:00. I have no idea how they do it.

Overall, I'm loving this new way of living. It's an amazing adventure!

Pura vida,


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