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First Impressions: Costa Rica

Hi everyone! As you may know, I arrived in Costa Rica on the 17th of August. Mama Tica picked me up from school at 4:30 am (the bus got stopped for three hours for a very bad accident to get cleared). She greeted me with a kiss and a big ¡bienvenidos!

Mí familia is so so nice. I have a mom, dad, grandpa, and four sisters! My host mom loves to cook and show me around. They all think it's fun to help me when I have questions about the language and anything around me. My oldest host sister(24) speaks english pretty well, so whenever there's something complicated a member in the family has to explain to me she can translate. I definitely got the best host family anyone could ask for.

Our house is SO nice. There's vaulted ceilings, and plenty of windows and fans for ventilation, and the walls are painted robin's egg blue (a VERY tico color). We also have three locked doors and a padlock to get through the front door. I thought you gringos might think that was interesting. Here in Costa Rica they always have at least one locked gate before you get to the front door, I'm sure It's a combination of safety and culture. My room is just a bit smaller than the one back home, and..... I have my own bathroom! The showers are not heated. But, trust me, you don't want them to be.

It's hot here (duh). It gets into the upper 90s every day, so you're sweating the whole day through. It's also very humid. It took my wet t-shirt 2 days to dry, simply hanging in my bathroom. But, all the iguanas scurrying around love the heat!

The wildlife in the city is pretty diverse. I see at least one iguana a day, and parrot squacks wake me up in the morning. There are also lots of pelicans flying around and hanging out on the quiet streets (I've yet to see one up close, but I am determined). There are also crocodiles that come out at night, or so I was told after my new friends and I decided to take a late night dip.

I made new friends. Yay! I love them all <3

Pura vida,


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